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Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food.

Sonoran Blossom Tea Co is driven by strong belief systems. We believe that what we eat and drink is often our best path to health. We are dedicated to offering high quality, loose leaf tea that is sustainable, organic & delicious. Because the health of our planet directly relates to the health of our mind, body & soul.


We also believe in providing every customer with the best experience. This is why we live and operate by practicing our core values with every customer interaction.

We strive to provide our customers with an experience that reflects these beliefs day in, and day out. 

Always give your best

In all ways, we seek to give everything we have, with the knowledge that sometimes we can miss the mark. We are confident you will enjoy your experience with us. But in the event we make a mistake, we promise to make it right! We will always give everyone our best efforts, driven by the best of intentions.

Be respectful

We believe in always treating everyone with respect. Society can be polarizing, but we view humanity in a very simple way. We're all here, grinding, doing what we think is best for us and ours. To get in the way or to create problems where none should exist just seems like a big waste of energy. Come one, come all. 

This is why, regardless of who you are, we seek to help in all ways possible. Even in situations where someone is needing assistance outside of our products or services, we will always seek to provide help when asked.


Life isn't only about tea, but it's a darn good perk. 

Always be honest

Honesty is so much easier than lying. When you lie, you have to remember the lie, then you have to communicate the lie the same way you've been telling the lie. You need to remember who you lied to, why you lied to them, and then care enough to keep it going just to save face.

That sounds exhausting. At Sonoran Blossom, we believe in always telling the truth, even in situations where the truth is painful. But in those situations, we always commit to truth through love. 

Keep it simple

Far more valuable than dollars is time. Simplicity is an act of respect for people's time. This is why we won't waste time on messages or activities that don't meet a specific purpose. We are goal-oriented, driven people with a single focus. No need to add more just for the sake of doing more.

Be goal-oriented

Sonoran Blossom is a goal-driven organization. We seek to provide products and services that improve the health of the individual and the planet we all live on. Our goal is to provide high quality, organic, Fair Trade Certified™ Tea that achieves health for the mind, body, soul and planet.

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Before their was Sonoran Blossom, there were mountains.

Laura Riggs & Jarod Gorla met in the Summer of 2014 in Colorado Springs, Colorado - a small town at the base of the Rocky Mountains. Each having started their own small business, with Laura being a wholesale client of Jarod's, both connecting in the belief in small business, health, & family.

Together, they launched a new business in 2015 through a small personal investment called Artisan Vaper. They began manufacturing, distributing & wholesaling smoking cessation products, their motivation stemming from Jarod's years as a smoker, along with friends & family who were smokers. This venture became very successful, very quickly, but Laura & Jarod's passions began to change towards healthy eating habits & sustainability.


Sonoran Blossom Was Born. 

Living at the base of the beautiful Rocky Mountains inspired them to commit their personal & professional lives to healthy eating & sustainability. Having watched many documentaries & reading as much as they could, Laura & Jarod decided to open a new tea business. The goal was to adopt a plant-based lifestyle that could be shared in a commercial environment. Plant-based eating became a strong conviction of theirs due to it's impact on heart disease, cancer & diabetes, as well as it's highly beneficial impact on the health of our planet.

In order to launch this new business with manageable startup costs, they moved to Arizona, the state where Jarod had grown up. Together they began concocting gourmet juice, smoothie, water & tea recipes in their kitchen, always focusing on using regenerative & sustainable ingredients. 

With dreams come goals.

Laura & Jarod learned that the impacts of regenerative agriculture & sustainable farming on the planet were specific & necessary for society to adopt as a primary way to combat global warming. More than 50% of global warming impact on the planet was due to large animal agriculture farming processes. Due to the high demand for meat & dairy products throughout the USA & large government subsidies that ignited this demand, the Western diet exploded into mass consumption of meat & dairy products. The solution to this problem was to embark on the adventure of creating wide-spread demand for regenerative & sustainable agricultural fruits, vegetables & plants. 


Just as important a reason for creating demand for regenerative & sustainable agriculture produce was the health impact. Science had begun to uncover new truths related to plant-based diets, discoveries that had a meaningful impact on heart disease, cancer & diabetes. By reducing diets to less than 20% of meat & dairy, doctors were able to observe not just the slowing down of heart disease, cancer & diabetes, but also in some cases the recession or complete elimination of these diseases. The impact these discoveries have across many industries within the United States can be measured in the billions of dollars & millions of lives. 

​Laura & Jarod wanted to be a part of changing the world & therefore adopted Sonoran Blossom Tea Co's mission of creating demand for regenerative & sustainable produce plants by delivering aesthetically pleasing, deliciously tasting loose leaf and ready to drink teas.


​By scaling their business quickly, Laura & Jarod seek to build & grow a fleet of mobile drink trucks and acquire land throughout the country to be used for regenerative & sustainable agricultural purposes. The goal is simple, create demand for & expand the supply of regenerative & sustainable food & beverages.

​Let's Go!

​Sonoran Blossom is just the beginning of this great adventure. Our hope is that you join us in using simple & clever ideas to create simple & clever solutions focused on creating large scale demand for regenerative fruits, vegetables & plants. A dream we can share that can & will save lives & dollars. 

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