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5 Easy Ways to Reuse Your Steeped Tea Leaves!

Our mission with Sonoran Blossom Tea Co is of course to offer the highest quality and tastiest tea products. But our mission is to use our tea as a way to bring awareness and practice to living more sustainable lifestyles. Today, we will be discussing ways to reuse your pre-steeped tea leaves! There's quite a few ways, but here's a list of five easy ones you can try today!

Tea leaves are fantastic for composting!

If you are already composting, simply drop your used tea leaves right into the bin.

If you don't compost, you can add the tea leaves to your garden, into a potted flower, or directly onto your grass. Tea leaves are rich in nutrients and will help your plants grow brighter & prettier!

Do you like smoothies? Tea is 100% ok to eat. The only issue is often the stringiness of the leaves can be tough to swallow.

Toss your used tea leaves into a smoothie to get full advantage of their nutrients, flavors, and health benefits!

Used tea is a great way to bring fresh & fruity smells to the home. If you have kids in the house like we do, it's a constant battle to keep the house smelling fresh & clean.

Simply dry your used tea leaves on the counter, in the sun, or the oven on the lowest heat setting. Place them into small porous bags, and then put them in drawers, cabinets, closets or in a nice pot.

Say goodbye to the smell of dirty socks, and hello to the fresh scent of tea!

As we already mentioned, kids are stinky. But so are pets! And the first thing they like spreading their stink on is carpets.

Dry your used tea leaves either on a counter, in the oven on lowest heat, or in the sun. Sprinkle the tea leaves on your carpet, then press them into the carpet. Leave them for 10 minutes or so, then vacuum them up. Viola! Fresh smelling carpets!

Tea is great for reducing puffiness in the eyes. Trust me, with kids home from school for the next few weeks, stress may go up.

When their heads hit the pillows, it's you time!

Simply place your used tea leaves in a porous bag, then chill them in the fridge for a bit. Once cold, sit down, kick up the feet, put on some good tunes, and place the tea on your eyes. Soothing, healthy and helps reduce puffiness and prevent bags under your eyes! Yes please!


We encourage everyone to find new and creative ways to recycle, reduce and reuse. Whether it's used tea or other materials we often toss in the trash, many of our common goods can be reused in some productive and sustainable way. Let us know if you tried any of these hacks or if you found other ways to improve sustainable living. We would love to hear about it!

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