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5 Ideas for Escaping the Blazing Summer Heat

Maybe you live in one of the more forgiving summer states. Like Colorado or California. Places where the highs don't typically see three digits. *Lucky*

But being in Arizona, the team here at Sonoran Blossom is getting the ravaging sun pelting us like a flurry of tiny bumblebees, daily at 110°. Just the other day it was 120°! We polled the team and came up with 5 Ideas for Escaping the the Blazing Summer Heat!

1. Drink More Water

Seems too simple. But if you're anything like us, making the time to stay hydrated is easier said than done. At Sonoran Blossom we have no shortage of water bottles or water. We have the time and resources needed. So how do we make sure and use them?

First, you should know how much water to drink. According to the Mayo Clinic, we should be consuming 60% of our body weight in water EVERY DAY. So if you're a petite 120-lbs, shoot for 72 oz. If you are the meaty type (like me) and weigh above 200-lbs, your daily goal is 120 oz.

One method that works for me has been setting our phones alarms to remind us to drink water. I mean f'real, who doesn't pay attention when the phone dings, bings, buzzes or rings?

We have also used the "buddy system" with great success. Be a team player and remind your friends, family and/or colleagues to drink water whenever you remember. Yeah, maybe you'll be the new water tyrant. But it comes from a place of love!

Sometimes just changing up your water game can work wonders too! Try adding some fresh cucumber, mint, or *wait for it* peppers! Sounds gross, but try it before you hate it. Fresh cut peppers mixed with a cucumber tossed into ice water is far better than it sounds!

Image provided by @heftiba

2. Enter the Inferno!

Ok, so this one might sound a bit crazy. But trust me, it works!

The harshest part of the summer, in my opinion, is that scorching moment when you turn off the car and enter the blazing heat waiting angrily for you on the other side of the door. Your car finally reached its lowest setting just as you reach your destination. I've never been a Roman Gladiator, but I feel like its that moment just before entering the arena, lions roaring, crowd cheering, swords flashing.

Simply crank the heat all the way up in your car, and spend 30 seconds in full burn out mode! When you step outside into the fiery inferno, it'll actually feel nice and cool for a moment. Usually long enough for you to find the cover of a building :)

3. Spritz It!

My family and I took a vacation to Disneyland in the summer a few years ago. Because the sun was so sweltering, we made the decision on springing for the $15 water/fan/sprayer thing that could mist cool water straight to the face. Did we get ripped off? Yes. Did we care? No.

Swing by your local retailer and pickup a spray bottle. Fill it halfway with water the night before, and stick it in the freezer. The next morning, simply fill the remainder of the bottle with water & enjoy! By the time you get to work or to whatever adventure you find yourself in, the water should be starting to melt giving you a freezing cold mist to cool down with as needed!

4. Binge Watch Stranger Things 3!

Ok, maybe you're not a Stranger Things fan. But, you get the idea. Those winter folk out enjoying a cool, calm, peaceful 70° and 80° summer know this strategy when their winters are bringing snow and blizzards! Flip the script and find some time to get caught up on your favorite TV shows.

This approach can also work for books, movies, anything except the news ;) This day and age it seems anything political will get that blood boiling better than that blasting sunshine outside. So stick with things that warm the heart instead of the things that boil the blood!

Image provided by @freestocks

5. Drink Some Iced Tea!

If you didn't see this one coming, it's probably because you're already experiencing a bit of heat exhaustion. However, drinking iced tea is a great way to get those antioxidants and nutrients your body needs in order to survive the blistering heat.

Not all tea has the same health benefits, but all tea has benefits! Brewing Iced Tea is very similar to brewing hot tea, it just requires some extra time to chill. Simply follow the Sonoran Blossom Recipe section of our blog for delicious and refreshing iced tea recipes.

And by brewing your own iced tea at home with Sonoran Blossom Loose Leaf Tea, you can save some money over buying those expensive ready to drinks. The extra effort feels so good too!

If you have other neat tricks for beating the heat this summer, let us know below! And be sure to stay hydrated, happy, and hopeful!

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