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Burdock Root | History & Health Benefits

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

Burdock root seems to be a fairly unknown ingredient. The name is kind of catchy really, but the health benefits behind this root are enormous. Burdock root is big, leafy plant in the same family as sunflowers, dandelions and lettuce. The name "burdock" comes from the name for their seeds, called "burs." You probably have experienced these seeds. Ever walked through a field and came out with prickly stickies stuck to your socks or shins? Yeah. Those seeds.

Fortunately, those pesky, sticky seeds aren't where the most benefits of burdock root comes from. In fact, the best part is the roots! Bitter in flavor, burdock root is used commonly in the culinary world throughout Japan, Korea, China, Italy and Brazil.

Burdock root has been extensively studied and confirmed as both a nutritious ingredient, as well as medicinal herb.

It's biggest claim to fame? Boosting the immune system! Today we will discuss the history of burdock root, the health benefits it provides, and what teas contain this powerful plant.


Burdock root has been used throughout history, reaching back several thousand years ago throughout Asia and Europe. It's history in North America is relatively new. Burdock became very popular as a food item throughout China and Japan for centuries, came to be known as the "poor man's potatoes" due to its abundance in growth and usage. Many of the ancient health benefits associated with burdock included being an aphrodisiac, healing properties, respiratory benefits and general health.

Burdock has also been associated with ancient European, Native American, and Hawaiian diets.



Burdock root is well known for it's anti-inflammatory benefits. Inflammation is an immune response within the body, and with burdock root being a powerhouse for the immune system, it makes sens that controlling inflammation would be on of it's benefits.

A recent study actually found that burdock is so powerful in its anti-inflammatory benefits, it can tackle allergy and skin related allergic reactions that cause inflammation.


Packed full of antioxidants, burdock root contains compounds that assist the body in preventing free radicals and their destruction of DNA.

A study conducted on burdock root found the antioxidants are potent enough to potential reduce the risk of aging of the liver. The study found this to be true in mice, with potential human application.


One of the most common ways for cancer to spread throughout the body is via a weakened immune system, and/or through damage caused to our DNA.

Because of burdock root's well known boost to our immune system, and it's abundance of antioxidants, this plant can help prevent the spread of cancer through the body.

However, a 2014 study found that burdock root can actually directly kill tumors!


Burdock root has also been found to combat bacteria and fungi. One of the reasons it is so well known for boosting the immune system. Specifically, it can improve gut microbiome further assisting in immunity boosting.


Burdock root is a powerhouse for health benefits. Including the already listed benefits, burdock root is also known to improve our skin, the digestive system, the endocrine system and nervous system. In a time where the flu and viruses are seemingly ever present, one of the best actions we can take to safe guard ourselves and our families, focusing on great health, nutrition and boosting our immune system has become more and more important. Check out our teas containing Burdock Root!

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